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Being a winemaker is a vocation

We witness the growth of the vines in our vineyards, pick the grapes with care and take them to the cellar, where we take pleasure in reaping the rewards of this most generous land.

We make our wine according to processes fine-tuned over the centuries, paying full tribute to a terroir rich in tradition.

In a village where time passes slowly by

Producing organic wines is a choice

It is a sign of the respect we have for the land, from which we learn the value of patience, and for the consumer to whom we offer a wine produced without using pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers.



Note Nere


Bollicine di Sicilia

Tasting is a journey full of surprises

Each of our wines tells a tale of the senses, from the soil to the sea, carried by the winds and warmed by the Sicilian sun. And each one is emblematic of our deep-rooted love for our work.

Discovering our history and wines

We look forward to seeing you in Marzamemi


Ramaddini embraces the philosophy and values of FIVI

Wine news

QWine Expo 2023

16/11/2023|Categories: Events|

Our trip to China was a success! Here we are at the QWine Expo in Qingtian, where we had the opportunity to present our wines at this prestigious international event.

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