We would like to invite you to a TASTING

A sensory experience

We don’t just produce quality organic wines. We also love to welcome wine-lovers who come to see the sights of Sicily and the charming little village of Marzamemi, and show them around our complex and wonderful world.

We recognise in the eyes of those who taste our wines that same glow we experience whenever we produce a wine with the flavour, colour and taste we wanted to achieve.

We take pleasure in seeing the smiles that our wines elicit with every sip, and we like to believe that the culture of wine is also about conviviality, kindness and hospitality.

The territory,
one sip at a time

Our wine tours

We offer three routes for those who want to discover our winery, each one involving a tour to learn about the history of the estate and the production processes.


€ 50,00

Per persona

Ti guidiamo alla scoperta dei sapori della nostra terra abbinando sapientemente i nostri vini alla tradizione culinaria siciliana.

Val di Noto

€ 35,00

Per person

For those who want to enjoy our wines as an aperitif with a Sicilian flavour.

FR Lovers Tasting

€ 20,00

Per persona

Per chi ama degustare i vini nella loro essenza.

It is possible to book a visit to the vineyards on request. A children’s version is also available to peacefully host families and mixed groups.


Our winery is at Marzamemi in the Val di Noto, a small town founded by the Arabs.
The name derives from “Marsà al Hamen”, meaning “mooring of turtledoves“, a reference to the birds that fly over this area in spring. Others have translated it as “small port”, alluding to the fact that there are two natural harbours in the area, known as “Fossa” and “Balata”.

Marzamemi is a town where time passes at a slow pace, like a stroll through the picturesque alleyways, past fishermen’s houses painted blue and white, and up to the square with the Prince of Villadorata’s mansion and the 18th-century village church. However, the real symbol of this village is its tuna plant, built by the Arabs and the second largest in Sicily after Favignana.

A delightful village
steeped in history

Marzamemi has an unbreakable bond with the sea, which is not only related to fishing. Indeed, ships laden with grape must have long headed north from these coasts.

The vineyards scattered around the local countryside, as well as the millstones and ancient wine stores just a few hundred metres from the coast, show the spirit of winemaking in this area. They reveal a past full of rituals and traditions, which our winery also represents, offering visitors a special place to stop as they explore this wonderful corner of Sicily.