We bottle our WINES

A tribute to our island

When the grapes we grow become wine, we make sure that every sip speaks of the knowledge – as well as the flavours – of our territory. This is how a glass of Nero d ‘Avola, Grillo or any of the vines represented by our twelve labels, offers the opportunity to taste a corner of Sicily: something that is complex and harmonious and capable of instilling a sense of warmth and delight.

At the end of the vinification process, we bottle the wine in-house adhering to a strict protocol that requires meticulous attention to detail. We use corks in natural agglomerated cork to ensure optimal ageing in the bottle.

We have four production lines, each of which tells – on the labels – something of our island, from ancient folklore to modern Futurism.


Note Nere


Bollicine del Val di Noto

Friscur’è rosé

Friscur’è bianco