We tend our VINEYARDS

From nature to the winemaker, with love

Ramaddini wines are the fruit of a relationship between the vine, which ripens in the womb of bountiful nature, and the winemaker who tends it and encourages its balanced development.

We work tirelessly in our vineyards all year round, according to the tried and tested tradition of our territory. In this way, we obtain a fruit that expresses the authenticity of the terroir in which it grows.

Authentic love and tradition

Where magic is born

Our vineyards are located in a valley of twenty hectares, at an altitude of 50 metres and a few kilometres from the Ionian Sea, on slightly clayey terrain with a volcanic substratum. The excellent exposure to sun and the mild climate, warm in summer and mild in winter, are kind to our vines. The salt carried by sea breezes collects on the grapes, enhancing their taste and encouraging their ripening.

How magic is born

We express our gratitude to the land by choosing wine-growing practices that bestow distinctive traits to our wines.


We apply a conservative method to the treatment of the soil, using cereal on the underside between rows, so as to nourish the soil through organic fertilisation.


We adopt the espalier method with north-south exposure to make the most of the sunlight, and we use the spur or guyot pruning system, checking that the development of each individual branch is balanced and produces the most nourishing fruit.
For the phytopathological protection of the vineyard, we prefer to use copper and sulfur with the mechanical processing of the soil, eliminating the use of herbicides and obtaining a wine free of residue.

We respect nature and meet its needs

When magic is born


Ramaddini was established in 2003, when two friends, Carlo Scollo and Francesco Ristuccia, decided to invest in the purchase of twenty hectares of land. They were agronomists by profession but winemakers by vocation, and chose to call the company Pacos Vini after the ancient name that the Greeks gave to the area, Pachys Oinos, “land abundant with wine”.


Five years passed before their hard work, care and experimentation led to their first production: with the creation in 2008 of Note Nere, the line with which Ramaddini made its debut in the Sicilian wine market.


The two friends moved the winemaking process to one of the ancient wine warehouses in Marzamemi, a place where one can breathe the history of Sicilian wine, near the historic winery built at the end of the 19th century by the Marquis Starabba of Rudinì.
The Olimpo line, setting the trend for our finest wines, was created.

Drawing on our technical expertise and many years of experience, we changed the commercial name to Feudo Ramaddini, and then simply to Ramaddini.





Carlo and Francesco took on a challenge that proved to be a winner: the creation of Perla Marinais, the first brut sparkling wine to be made with Moscato di Noto grapes, and one of a kind.


Organic certification was obtained with the 2018 harvest.

But the story of Ramaddini, although recent, did not stop there. The fertility and generosity of the soil in which our plants are rooted has made for a fertile present, and we expect to carry out much research and experimentation in the future.